A few words about us

We are Ascent Soft and we love to create useful software, for businesses as your own.

We want to achieve every target and to build partnerships with visible results: the increase in performance and productivity for every company we work with.

When we talk about Ascent Soft, we talk about joint values and a purpose to which every member of our team equally contributes. Yet we are more than a team working best together, delivering and implementing the software solutions that every business needs – we are people who believe in what they do.

Our priorities are always client-oriented and focused on the human side of the company we collaborate with. We implement and develop software which covers all your business needs (ERP, CRM, BI, SRM, WMS, TMS), which we build by being mainly inspired by user-friendliness and complete functionality.

In a few words: who we are and how we work, as a team

  • We know our priorities

    ... and we follow requirements, listen to what you have to say and only settle for the best solution.

  • Friends with technology

    We are in touch with everything new and innovative. You can see it in our projects.

  • Flexible and open

    New challenges? No second thoughts! For us, there are no impossible tasks - only tasks in need of a more intelligent approach.

  • We think long-term

    We don't lack perspective and vision - so we like to create lasting things, which multiply their value in time.

  • We value simplicity

    From user experience to our way of work, we seek for the simplest, most forward approach.

  • Transparent and reliable

    You are our client? Then you are also our partner. We always tell things as they are and you can trust our word for it.