ERP Distribution

A specialised ERP software for the enhancement and control of processes engaged in distribution activities

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Ascent ERP Distribution system allows efficient stock and order capitalization and management – for every distributor, regardless of size.

Fare and product distribution demands a maximum degree of process coordination and a minimum error margin. Activities such as acquisition, stock following, order delivery, warehouse management, supply, distribution channel management need to be more than just monitored – but also synchronized.

Our ERP Distribution solution covers a distributor’s complete activities and can be integrated in a complex business management system. The system’s integration with WMS (Warehouse management system) and mobile CRM (SFA) ensures the scalability of your business – whereas the solution can be “multiplied” for new distribution points, thus multiplying sales as well.

The portfolio with all the customers’ data, orders, history and status can be effortlessly accessed through the system, eliminating the degree of error caused by sales staff turn. The information flow between sales support departments and direct sales personnel is carried out in a transparent, fluent manner.

Once you’ve implemented the ERP Distribution solution, you’ll soon find out that communication with customers becomes easier and more traceable, whereas sales opportunities welcome a better capitalization and conversion rates rise significantly.

The benefits of using Ascent ERP Distribution

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