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The Ascent MRP system dedicated to production management is a complete solution for production resource management and control.

Ascent MRP forwards customised solutions for the extremely complex processes integrated in production. Through a modern, intuitive interface, the system allows you to manage material, financial and human resources, as well as equipment, in order to optimise production and increase productivity – while reducing waste, at the same time.

For production activities involving an offer system based on precalculation, our system provides the precalculation system as well, allowing you to save charts and other documents behind the calculation. Therefore, the commercial, projection, supply and technical departments can easily cooperate through a system-integrated workflow, whereas the operational facet of production management allows access to the information taken from the upstream – so that production launching and follow-up can be strictly correlated.

The production manager can access the calendar of orders with status, and also that of equipments and order follow-up. The integration with the supply module ensures the just-in-time update of the raw material supply status, while the correlation with check-in systems pinpoints the availability of human resources.

The administrative expenses evaluated at the end of the month are a source for estimating further indirect expenses, so that post-calculation becomes a facile, automated process of determining the profitability of products and orders.

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Ascent MRP implementation in electronic parts production

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