ERP Passenger transportation & parcel post

A complete software for passenger transportation & parcel post management

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We offer you an integrated ERP software solution which favours and improves passenger transportation and parcel post.

Ascent ERP Passenger transportation and parcel post aims that all activities inherent to transportation be interconnected, fluid and optimised – so that the service efficiency is maximum, while the feedback from clients remains positive and costs are kept under control.

By connecting the system to work, order and verification points (car ticketing devices, Android applications for driver communication, platform for online order tracking, online orders and reservations etc.), order management, route optimisation and cost reduction become easily reachable targets.

The software interface is extremely easy to use and assimilate within work processes. The ERP system significantly simplifies the way of work, centralising all data and automating operations such as selection, search, status update, etc. The result is the use of transport capacity at its optimum potential, avoiding underloads or overloads, improving customer experience and minimising costs.

The benefits of ERP Passenger transportation & Parcel post

Case study: Ascent ERP Passenger transportation & parcel post implementation

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