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An ERP solution dedicated to service and maintenance activities for various industries

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Ascent ERP Service optimizes maintenance works for companies and products from various industries, correlating and managing all processes involved.

Nowadays, maintenance and service is more than a complementary or support activity. The present trends highlight these services as a differentiating factor on the market, therefore they need an effective structure, a controlled work plan and real-time feedback.

The Ascent ERP Service module can be implemented in varying forms, in various activities: starting with the classic field management system or plant service management, which are used to plan, manage and automate service and maintenance works for production plants and equipment (factories, etc.), for agriculture, constructions, transport (auto parks) or for other work points which involve the usage of machines, equipment or plants (fuel distribution stations, photovoltaic parks, cooling systems for food retail or distribution, equipment and devices for communication networks, etc.).

The Ascent ERP Service & Maintenance solution combines the processes of managing service tickets with the system of planning, monitoring and control of service tasks on field, with the purpose of improving client services and obtaining a competitive advantage.

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