ERP Tourism

Software solution for the management of activities in tourism companies

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Ascent ERP Tourism is the complete solution which allows you to electronically manage your company’s entire activity according to specific needs.

Tourism is distinguished as an extremely competitive field, based on an integrated informational support and an ever-growing database. Ascent ERP Tourism aims at offering the support for the profitable development of tourism agencies. With the input of our system, the dynamic of the tourism activity is sustained by real-time information (notifications and reminders, automated emails at the occurence of certain events).

The system ensures the management of the client, tourist and supplier database, generating due notifications for the clients’ birthdays, and also highlights the time periods from the transaction history and the usual locations targeted by them.

The development and traceability of the sales process through offer requests or opportunities is also done through the system, as well as the management of documents necessary for services and the export of documents: order forms, contracts, bills, receipts, etc.

The bills, payments and receipts on orders are traceable, while the customised management of each tourism agent becomes facile, being based on dynamic analysis of their performance.

Because it is equally important to sell and recover debts, payment reminders and debt management in various currencies are equally vital processes for a solid activity, with a positive cash flow.

The benefits of implementing Ascent ERP Tourism

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