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Integrated ERP - WMS software, for optimising logistics services

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With an integrated ERP – WMS system, logistics becomes streamlined and much more profitable. Choose the Ascent ERP customised solution for full operations control.

Ascent WMS – software system dedicated to warehouse management activities – determines a much quicker stock circulation and a more efficient and less costly stock inventory. Increasingly rapid order delivery cycles, operational accuracy and cost reduction are just a few of the benefits of Ascent WMS system.

The integration of other software (Ascent ERP) and automation systems allows the growth of the stock volume traded through the warehouse. The traceability of batches, the increase in productivity, the cutback on bureaucracy and paperwork, as well as a better space usage are effective benefits, harnessed throughout day-to-day work.

Our vision implies that the purpose of our WMS solution is to facilitate the activity of WMS operators, helping them execute tasks more rapidly and accurately and thus raising the added value they provide to the overall company.

A WMS system is nowadays necessary not solely for companies specialized in logistics and warehouse management – but also for companies activating in FMCG production or commerce (consumer goods) and for those working in industrial production / distribution. The aim of “just-in-time” production is surpassed by the correct anticipation of demand, so that having the right product at the time the client requests it and delivering it on short notice certainly is a major competitive advantage.

The benefits of Ascent ERP Logistics

Case study: the result of a successful WMS implementation

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