An outline of Ascent ERP

Learn the characteristics of the ERP system we develop and its impact on all management aspects

Easy access, effortless use

The access in the ERP system is possible anytime, on any safe device. Our work interface is very user-friendly, while data can be easily managed.

Process productivity, at an optimal level

The ERP facilitates simple, efficient operations, where processes require a minimum number of steps, with no redundant data entry.

  • Waste
  • Productivity

Productivity increase through process correlation

The system allows the interconnection of certain operational processes, so that the data entered during a process can be redirected to connex processes, without overloading operational time.

Metering and eliminating waste and off-time

An ERP meters not only the operational time on an internal level, but also the exploitation of materials in production. Where there are so-called leaks (of time or material resources), the ERP system points them out.

Accurate reports and data interpretation

With Ascent ERP, you can create clear and effective reports, essential to operational and strategic decisions. Well-structured statistics ensure a full perspective upon the business.

  • Income
  • Spendings
  • Profit
  • Operations and resource control
  • Support for operational and strategic decisions
  • Highlighting work time and terms
  • Perspective upon work objectives
  • Document conformity
  • Company evolution predictions
  • A decrease in ERP and WMS transactional errors
  • Superior communication and reporting between partners

Solutions for cost reduction

Ascent ERP allows total cost control, providing viable solutions for reducing the expenses involved in manufacturing, transportation, etc.

  • • Unplanned cost control and capping, by highlighting direct costs and distributing indirect ones;
  • • Cost reduction for order processing, through their automatic entry from a web portal or through their direct entry, on field;
  • • A diminuation of stock-related expenses, through supply optimisation and demand correlation;
  • • Fuel cost control, by highlighting exceeding planned quantities;
  • • Reducing unfunctioning costs by ensuring critical stocks of consumables and parts and through on-term revisions;
  • • Optimisation of transportation costs, by choosing the optimal routes from those suggested by the system.

Cash-flow improvement

Improving cash-flow is a double-faced business objective: operational (continuously monitored cash-flow) and strategic (facilitates management decisions).

  • • Reflecting certain and previsioned cash entries and exits;
  • • Total debt control, through due date notifications;
  • • Sustainability - capping orders or billing with an acceptable credit limit;
  • • A more rapid cash conversion cycle - reducing the lag between payment and billing;
  • • Calculating negative balance or predicted cash availability "in red".

An accurate view on the evolution of your business

Ascent ERP covers a fundamental need of every manager - the wider view upon the business, a keypoint for favorable decision-making.

Laptop grafice si rapoarte Ascent ERP

Complete & customised integration

A flexible ERP, fully adaptable to the company and industry requirements, allowing the integration with other systems.

An ERP with full functionality

We focus on gradual and controlled implementation of the ERP software and on agile management – so that the Ascent ERP system can cover all the company’s needs in an optimal timeframe.

Total cost of ownership

The total cost for the implementation of our ERP is among the most competitive on the current market – involving a precise agreed budget, with no unpredictable costs.