Administrating production which develops in a LOHN regime is a continuous challenge for a company’s management. Due to high quality standards and equally high requirements from external beneficiaries, the quality of processes and effectiveness in managing productive resources are the key factors aimed at by the management. The situation in 2011, from the standpoint of administering commercial and production data, was quite precarious, as there were syncopes in correlating resources in commercial, logistics and production, causing losses for the company.


The Ascent ERP implementation with Production, Supply, Administration, Logistics and Financial-Accounting modules was a necessity identified and planned as a strategic objective by the management of LC Electronic as yet of 2008. Thus, the Ascent MRP system was customised in order to respond to the complex need of resource planning – by correlating the availability of production plants with that of human and material resources.

In order to define all necessary parameters, the effort was focused on loading data in the system, reflecting the details of the equipment, of the manual labour to be carried out within controlled timeframes for automatic or manual execution, gear-up time etc. and of technological sheets which predict the standard consumption of raw materials. This tactic was consistent because the database of technological sheets exceeded 10 000 positions for final products and over 50 000 materials and raw materials.

After defining all resources, a module of electronic client order reception was integrated. According to existing planning, the commercial department can make production simulations starting with the data resulted from the processing of client orders. Therefore, an EDD (estimated delivery date) can be provided for specific orders of each product. The order confirmation and EDD communication to the client is also carried out electronically. Tha planning is confirmed by the production department, considering staff availability for production, the free equipment capacity and raw material availability. All technological product sheets are introduced and saved with their respective history and revisions, based on an electronic association of all documents necessary for production, ensuring their complete traceability.

The consumption-delivery bonuses, automatically generated, also highlight standard reusable waste materials (eq. copper). From the valorization of this material alone, the company can facilitate for its clients savings of a few hundred thousand euros per year. Launching production with job orders is covered by the junction of phases and manual labour for scheduled orders, with a work presence resulting from the integrated communication with the server of the check-in system, according to the competence registered by the staff competence matrix.