Within Ravitex company, the process control for internal and external charters for fulfilling the orders of various clients was done through EXCEL reports, thus through situations which were hard to correlate in a dynamic way. The essential problems concerned the management of the company’s own park, the orders from beneficiaries regarding charters with exclusive loading or grouping, the analysis and management of dispatchers. The lack of control and real-time monitoring caused a low efficiency in every process.


The software solution we proposed is the integration of all processes in the Ascent system, starting with the management of transport solicitations from the clients and up to taking over transport orders, both through the company’s own park and through an expedition house system, control of files afferent to charters, as well as cash tracing. The processes, operation/centralisation facilities and availability for operational management, as well as for top management, are diverse and complete:

  • The automatic reflection of orders billed in the financial module through a centralised cost income centre (identification number for tractor head or ensemble).
  • Diverse analysis> orders processed by dispatchers and their efficiency, analysis on cost-income centres at the level of client order or file number (charter number), net margin of increment per client order, costs per kilometer, price per kilometer, dislocated kilometers, monthly fuel consumption, indirect expense distribution to a net profit per vehicle, driver rating, etc.
  • Real-time charter control through integrating Ascent ERP with the car GPS system and text messaging communication on each vehicle (ex.: unloaded on location, unloading locations processed by dispatchers, etc.). Thus, through a direct link from the order analysis window in the ERP, the dispatcher can access positions within the ordering routes of the trucks on the map, being able to signalise delays, truck status or route diversions.
  • The proposal of loading opportunities according to unloading data and to the position of the vehicle (synchronized by GPS with a certain frequency).
  • Integration of the Android application for managing communication with drivers (all events can be reported and automatic notifications/alarms will be generated in the case of delays).
  • Routing at order level and highlighting optimum date/time of departure, according to the driver’s schedule.