The administration of surfaces up to 3000 – 4000 ha of agricultural field, in order to attain maximum productivity and minimum waste and unjustified consumption is a real problem in agriculture – where most companies still linger in the phase of Excel spreadsheets.

This was also the case with Promat group, where farm activity tracking and managing the numerous lease contracts was seriously challenging the employees and placing great limitations to the administration and management of business information up to the reinforcement in a budget of income and expense on farm and crop level.

Countless meetings, offline files with spreadsheets (from technological crop sheets to DAR – daily activity reports in agriculture), as well as the income and expense budgets needed to be correlated in a dynamic which was consuming many resources and provoking a general lack of performance.


The Ascent ERP implementation with Agriculture and Agricultural equipment park management, as well as Lease contract management has totally changed the development of the company’s agricultural work.

Today, lease contracts are managed within the system – which allows the lease release from the field with an offline database which synchronises with the ERP server before the phase of field export of the sums or products due to proprietors. This way, the system ensures the complete lease release documents – generating the afferent bill and managing the calculation of the released quantities, as well as their dynamic conversion into cash. The complete database of lease-holders allows the delivery of the 112 statement regarding the income retainable at the source, while the payment is registered in the lease release file or in the payment disposition. The synchronization of farm data will also effect on the administration of the final product (cereal) according to the quantities released in the field, cash register updates, etc.

As for the proper agricultural activity, the system allows activity planning via technological crop sheets, which provide the link between the planned agricultural production and the input and other materials consumption. Thus, the final technological crop sheets correlated with the equipment park managed through the system, as well as the cultivated surfaces at parcel or physical block level provide the overview on the necessary resources for a planned culture production, reflected as financial values within the preset budget.