The passenger transport provided for several routes has determined the need for an informatic system for management and for the increase of customer satisfaction. The company requirements have been grouped around the following functionalities:

  • Managing transport passes for various social segments;
  • Planning routes and timing;
  • Releasing tickets on route and car level;
  • Ticket control through mobile barcode readers;
  • Registering route income and expenses;
  • Normed / achieved consumption;
  • Auto park administration;
  • Car revisions for the improvement of delivered services.

The implemented Ascent ERP system has brought the integration of necessary functionalities, resulting in an optimisation of the company’s transport services and inherently, an increase in customer trust and satisfaction.

The ERP modules allow the back-office tag management (tickets with unique barcodes), by allocating them through custody transfer to the tax collectors – as well as through stock control – so that the anticipation of minimum stock emergence can be forwarded and a supply order can follow.

The periods of maximum loading, as well as the number of tickets sold per interval or tickets per charter, can be analyzed and identified.

The mobile devices for the validation of tickets, as well as the checking devices used by controllers, are permanently connected to the Ascent ERP application server, so that the level of sold tickets and the degree of bus loading can be determined in real time, from back-office.