The sector of truck parts and components needs an exact approach, focused on agility. Only an integrated system which correlates distribution processes can result in maximum effectiveness in the users’ activity and a reliable decision support for the management. Being a company focused on selling, Prored SRL had to combine the traditional sales channel, based on agents covering the most of every region in the country, with the online channel and direct selling, in their two salespoints with warehouse facility: Timișoara and Bucharest.

The problems focused most at the level of real-time integration of a common database with product catalogs and commercial details (price, discount, delivery time, payment, etc.). Another important objective was solving the administration of equivalence from a CodOE (original piece code) for “n” codes substitutable after market, as well as the correlation of reference availability with the company’s own stock and with the suppliers’ stock in order to reduce delivery time.

Integrating the chain of Offer → Order → Billing → Pay recovery in a flux which interposes activities of the personnel dispersed on field – salespersons – as well as identifiers (back-office consultants specialised in correctly identifying the necessary reference as assemblies or sub-assemblies of parts or individual components for trucks) with the supply chain (Supply offer request → Supply quotation → Supply order and reception) involves a perfect process integration and an exclusive system-based communication. The web portal open to partners – which needed to be integrated with TecDoc – was dedicated to the easy identification of equivalent reference points.


The Ascent ERP implementation, with Distribution, Supply, Administration, Financial – Accounting, CRM and WMS modules has been a true catalyst for the business, setting the effort of a dynamic team on track to achieving ambitious growth targets.

As a consequence of the ERP implementation, processes now unfold fluently. Client orders are managed effectively, the centralisation of the necessary supply is automatic – involving minimum input from human resources. The system transmits its command and signals new supply orders, notifies certain reference points being in transit (ongoing reception) – or alerts when certain minimum quantities are not covered – according to the delivery date for each article (lead time). The process and order synchronization ensures the existence of the right merchandise for the client, considering his buying history and reducing unperformant stocks altogether.

The integration of Ascent WMS in 2013 has further reduced delivery errors, which once again led to an increase in customer satisfaction. The warehouse space has been optimised, while the management of warehouse transactions strictly correlated with the back-office processes via the ERP system allowed the reinforcement of Grosvenor SCM as a reliable supplier for international clients. This factor favored the expansion to other national markets, leading to a mixture of intensive and extensive development with benefits for the business.

In order to cover complete traceability starting with the sales opportunities, Grosvenor SCM opted for the integration of Ascent CRM, so that any communication regarding a client’s current or future needs can be valorized as an order-generating opportunity.