Ever since the founding of the dm drogerie markt company in Romania, one of the main objectives of the startup team, aside from closing partnerships with local suppliers and staff recruitment, was to identify and implement a software system which meets the company’s requirements.

In order to identify the desired informatic system, the members of the startup team representing dm drogerie markt Austria have elaborated a compelling task book. The software system needed to be complex, in order to fulfill local requirements and be compatible with the specific system utilised within the dm drogerie markt concern.

The ERP system had to be integrated, typical to the retail sector, including the following modules:

– Product acquisition and administration, Management accounting, Financial accounting, Reporting and controlling, POS system for selling, Stock administration and store monetary administration.

The software system needed to have complex technical functionalities as well:

– Headquarters test system, Store test system, Central ERP system with central server, daily back-up, Data transfer across systems, automatically done overnight and/or upon request, Store back-office system with local server, also functional offline, POS front-office store system with a locally replicated database, Mobile scanners for order procedure, reception and store inventory.


The solution identified by the startup team within the prospection of various IT systems and solutions was forwarded by our company.

Our team immediately seized both the potential and the complexity of this project and has therefore embarked on customising the standard solution to the specific requirements of dm drogerie markt.

After signing the contract, in June 2007, the members of our team togethef with the dm drogerie markt team welcomed the task of adapting and customising the key solution, in no more than 6 months.

In order to follow tight deadlines, but also to ensure a safe and 100% functional solution, our company allocated 3 teams which covered the technical aspect, the development and testing for the solution, having over 12 consultants and programmers on board.

The Ascent ERP system was successfully implemented yet since the first store open in Timisoara, in 2007, up to the achievement of 52 stores in 2013, when the dm drogerie markt company opted for the implementation of the SAP and of other standard systems used within the concern.