In production management for the identification tags, as well as for other end products in the field of ID-solutions, the quality of processes and efficiency in administrating productive resources are the key factors targeted by the management, as well as the sales and marketing activities. In 2011, the administration of commercial and production data was elaborated, but it hadn’t moved past the stage of EXCEL spreadsheets, so there were syncopes in the correlation of resources in commercial, acquisitions and production. This had an impact on the effectiveness of order management, offer forwarding, order and materials traceability.


The implementation of Ascent ERP with Commercial, Production, Supply, Administration and Financial-Accounting modules was a necessity identified and planned as a strategic objective by the management of LTHD Corporation. Thus, the Ascent ERP system was customised in order to respond to the complex need of identification and resource planning, as well as of technical solutions validation, of tracking within the internal informational circuit and of communication with the beneficiary of each COR – client offer request – up until the delivery of the order.

For the possibility of defining, within the system, all details pertaining to an order with complex parameters, we created materials and raw materials nomenclatures, as well as parameterizable end products, an end product such as label being identified via descriptive field, such as: color, density, glue, liner and afferent weight, polishing, length, width, thickness, minimum and maximum resistance temperature, layer type, etc.

Any offer request from a beneficiary is assigned a self-incremented number (COR), then the workflow continues through the system for tracking the stages of projection operations, as well as  the tracking of the commercial status, until the request is transformed into a client offer. All values necessary for an elaborate precalculation-estimation are parameterized in the offer, whereas the parameterized product, identified through its multiple characteristics, is highlighted as a sole project through the combination of its essential characteristics in a unique identification code.

The complete traceability and status for each project is ensured through the tracking of product stages, while the email communication is carried out directly through the ERP system. The client order is tracked through the internal production process through the assimilation of an execution job-order, where the standard time for the necessary workmanship, as well as the necessary materials, while the integrated production control module returns the feedback corresponding to the production cycle – until the end product delivery to the warehouse.