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Do you have a business in the agriculture field that you want to develop, digitize and automate? Ascent Soft provides easy solutions for efficient management of agricultural businesses. Test the Ascent Agricultural Management software for free.

Ascent Soft ERP for Agriculture

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Why do you need a software for agriculture?

Agriculture is one of the industries most influenced by globalization. Today, any agricultural producer or farmer must follow certain technological norms, guarantee the quality of production through controlled practices and manage their activity efficiently, in order to capitalize on all their resources. Every digitized process reduces the time used, reduces the required resources, improves productivity and provides real data about what is happening in your business.

Let's analyze together the advantages that the digitalization of agricultural businesses brings!

Advantages of ERP Agriculture

Productivitate crescuta

Increase productivity

By digitizing inventory, parcel management and lease contracts, you get more time for yourself and your team. Time can be used to lease new land, develop current crops or create new crops.

soft gestiune agricultura

Reduce repetitive work

Repetitive tasks are automated using Ascent software. Thus, we reduce repetitive work, save time and resources, and reduce operating errors.

trasabilitate agricultura

Increase traceability

Everything happens for a reason, even in agriculture. With the help of Ascent software you will always find out what happened and why to reduce mistakes and increase traceability. Ascent’s advanced reporting features help create custom reports to track exactly the data you’re most interested in.

reduci costurile

Reduce costs

Eliminates losses, reduces the time needed to perform work and reduces the resources needed to manage the business. The ERP for agriculture management provides daily activity reporting and profitability assessment functions for each crop. This way, you will always know what works and what does not and you can optimize the crops that bring the best results!

Core functions Ascent SOFT Agriculture

Manage lease contracts

Highlighting the lease contracts (owner, topo number, area, land locality, tax due, weight loss, etc.). Highlighting heirs, local and financial administrations and land exchanges. Attach contracts to the database.

Invoices generation

Quickly generate invoices and payment provisions directly or on the basis of a contract. Automatic subtraction from management and automatic accounting of documents. Colored statuses for each individual contract or for each product order.


Complete inventory of parcels, fleet, raw materials, consumables, etc. Adjusting the inventory by automatically generating the required accounting documents. Dividing the invetee by management and keeping the items by lots with entry and expiration dates.

Advanced reporting

Track all the data you are interested in through automated or personalized reports. Create your own reports and track the most important indicators in your business.

Automatic generation of inputs

Each land “consumes” a quantity of herbicides, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers and diesel fuel. Ascent Agriculture software automatically generates the amount you need.

Technology sheets

Technology sheets per year and crop that give you information about total consumption, workmanship, total harvest and profitability. Customized specifically for you.


Accounting & HR integration

Track each flow to the end and integrate the agriculture module with the Ascent accounting module. Thus, you directly manage the accounting on the real data obtained.

Customer orders

Integrates agriculture software with customer and supplier order module. It starts with an offer or starts directly with an order that automatically closes with an invoice and goes into accounting.

Ascent Transport Module

Manage packaging and transportation to get all the data from your farming business. Integrate agriculture with the Ascent module for transport.

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