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We have been digitalizing businesses in Romania for over 20 years! Find out who we are and how we can help you.

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Ascent SOFT offers complete solutions for business digitalization. Over 20 years of experience in the field has helped us develop complete solutions for a wide range of fields. All our solutions are integrated with Ascent accounting software. Ascent ERP solutions are constantly being developed to stay relevant in a constantly evolving field. We keep up to date with all tax and legislative changes. Ascent ERP is more than software. Ascent ERP is an entrepreneur’s best friend.

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Complete Digitization Solutions

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Starting from a basic solution, we develop a personalized ERP for your needs. Discover the available Ascent solutions or request a quote for a 100% customized ERP.

Ascent ERP Distribution

Taking customer orders, sending offers, supplier orders, stock list, supply requirements, order status, delivery reports.

Ascent WMS

Ascent Warehouse Management Solution. No delays, no lost orders, no loading or unloading errors. Organize your warehouse with Ascent WMS

Ascent ERP Transport

Complete freight or passenger business management solution for shipping companies. View details

Ascent ERP Manufacturing

Track production, set delivery times, create recipes and plan production based on the number of orders received or created.

Ascent ERP Agriculture

Contracts, management, lease tracking, harvesting, car fleet, simulation of costs per crop and area + many other functionalities.

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Over the years we have proven that the Ascent ERP system helps businesses grow, reduce costs, increase productivity and scale easily. We've helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, and we can help you too.

Dynamic and Professional

Our story began in 2000 with our first ERP. Since then, Ascent’s ERP has developed across multiple modules and the team has grown larger and more experienced. Today, the Ascent team contains specialists from all fields responsible for over 200 custom implementations. Press the button and let’s meet the team!

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Ascent ERP prin Ochii partenerilor

No Idea Where to Start?

Before any implementation, the Ascent SOFT team creates a digitization plan based on the processes of the respective business and its needs. Due to the high demand for consulting and analysis, we have launched an additional service.


You present us your business and all business processes

Before putting together a digitization plan, we need to understand your business and all existing processes very well. After, we get down to business!


We are creating a Digitization Plan

We attack all areas and create the complete digitization plan. We divide the business processes into modules and create a budget for the digitization of each module


We recommend a starting budget and discuss the plan

Once we have the plan and budget, the pre-analysis part is ready. From there, deployment can be done with Ascent or another company.

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Consulting With Over 20 Years of Experience

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How a custom software is made

Custom software development in a company is a topic often addressed in the business world. Demands for customized products and services according to consumer preferences