Ascent Soft ERP for Retail

Ascent ERP Retail helps you not only effortlessly manage all sales related processes, but also help you grow your business by making informed purchasing decisions.

Ascent Soft ERP for Retail

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Why do you need a soft for Retail?

The integrated ERP Retail modules give you total control over the activities in the field of sales: from stock and supply management, making inventory, defining the commercial policy to customer loyalty solutions and proposing promotions.

The system interface is clear and easy to use, the integration with the cash registers or other software systems used (WMS, CMS, etc.) being done without problems. Advanced sales and profitability analyzes inform you which products are profitable and areas where losses are recorded, and the ERP identifies and defines other criteria that influence sales: period, consumer behavior, etc.

With an ERP dedicated to your business, you will be able to minimize losses and reduce administration costs, by centralizing information and automating some operations. With the help of reporting and analysis systems, you will be able to identify problems in a timely manner and have strong support for future decisions.

Let's analyze together the advantages that digitalization brings to retail businesses!

Advantages of ERP Retail

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Increase sales

Using Ascent Soft customer loyalty solutions and average daily shopping cart analysis you will be able to make the right decisions to increase sales.

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Know your audience!

Do you want to know your customers better and understand what they want? Use Ascent Soft's advanced reports to generate data about your customers and better understand exactly what they want!

erp software for distribution

Manage Stocks Efficiently

Have you ever run out of stock on a product and your customers buy from someone else? That means a lost sale and maybe even a lost customer. With the help of the Ascent application, you will always see the stocks and the speed of movement of the products. You will receive notifications when you have low stock for a product and an order proposal to the supplier. Your customers will stay happy and loyal!

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Reduce expenses

It eliminates waste, reduces the time required to perform work and reduces the resources required to manage the business. Ascent Retail's ERP offers reporting functions for each individual product. That way, you'll always know what works and what doesn't, and you can optimize stocks and strategies to get maximum profit!

Core Functions

Stocks Management

Easy stock organization on management, lots, expiration date and items. List of stock movements so you always know where your products were distributed, how fast and at what price.

Generate Receipt/Invoice

Quickly generate direct receipts or invoices for the customers that are requesting it. Quick, easy and effortless. All data goes into the system to be managed in accounting.


Easy inventory with the help of a scanner or directly in the system. Automatic generation of explanatory sheets for stock differences with plus or minus from that management.

Adavanced reporting

Track all the data that interests you through automatic or customized reports. Create your own reports and track the most important indicators in your business.

Sales analytics

Who is the best seller? What is the best product? What is the best sales period? You get the answer to these questions with the help of Ascent analyses!

Profit margin

Automatically set your minimum profit margin. Analyze the profit margin per customer or per seller. Increase/Decrease prices according to the data obtained!


Accounting & HR integration

Urmărește fiecare flux până la final și integrează modulul de retail cu modulul de contabilitate Ascent. Astfel, gestionezi direct contabilitatea pe datele reale obținute.


Integrates retail software with the Ascent Warehouse module. Improve your delivery times and the speed of order processing and preparation.

Integrations with online stores

Do you have an online store that you want to integrate with management and accounting? No problem! We connect to any other system that provides API!

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