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Ascent ERP Service optimizes maintenance activities for companies and products in various industries by correlating and organizing all the processes involved.


ERP for Service & Maintenance

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Why do you need this software?

Today, maintenance and service is more than a complementary or support activity. The current trend emphasizes services as a differentiator in the product market, therefore they need effective structuring, a controlled work plan and real-time feedback.

The Ascent ERP Service module can thus take many forms of implementation in various activities: from the classic "field management system" or "plant service management" system that can be used to plan, manage and automate service and maintenance activities for machinery in the field of production (factories, etc.), agriculture, construction, transport (car fleets) or at other points of activity that require the use of devices, equipment or machinery (gas stations, photovoltaic parks, cooling systems related to retail or distribution of food products, equipment and devices for communication networks, etc.).

The ascent ERP Service & maintenance solution combines service ticket management processes with planning, monitoring and control systems of field service tasks, bringing to management the advantages of visibility and control over processes, in order to improve customer services and obtain competitive advantages.

Let’s analyze together the advantages of digitalization of service and maintenance businesses!

Advantages of ERP Service & Maintenance

Productivitate crescuta

Increase productivity through planning

The planning of maintenance activities is made with time-line, Gantt, work-day representations, loading charts, alarms and other tools so that the most efficient allocation of resources can be made according to the priority and type of intervention. The allocation of activities can be done taking into account the skill sets of the employees or intervention teams and also taking into account the calendar of days off of each employee.

Dispecer transport

Reduce repetitive work and mistakes:

The system shall generate the intervention documents by making available in electronic or printed form the necessary formulations:

  • the list of pre-established maintenance activities for the respective intervention
  • the necessary materials to supply
  • automatic transfer order to the management of the intervention team from the central management
  • performed activities, the condition of the equipment following the intervention
  • consumption generation - reduction of management
  • electronic signature on mobile devices to validate the intervention

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Increase traceability and organization

The Service Coordinator always has a dashboard with equipment status and future activities so that they can make the best decision to interrupt work or plan an action. The system can also issue notifications when scheduled events are completed or not.


Equipment catalog

The definition of the equipment is done by initializing all those elements specific to the respective equipment and which are relevant in its operation and maintenance. This data set is configurable and customizable so that it includes everything that is necessary but on the other hand does not load the user interface and activity unnecessarily.

These data form the technical and maintenance sheet of the equipment.

Core Functions

Highlighting maintenance on machines / production equipment

Manage complex business processes based on predefined and easy to monitor flows that include initiation/planning/execution/validation steps so that you have visibility and control at any time over each iteration but also over the entire maintenance service activity.

Planning and maintenance/revision history

For standardization of activities and ease of operation, maintenance plans are defined by type of activities or equipment. The equipment “subscribes” to such a plan, thus avoiding human errors when initializing a new equipment.

Alerts at task level, responsible staff, equipment

The system is adaptable to various business processes and is designed to provide full traceability on the entire execution flow, based on the registration of orders (tickets) in the system and their tracking through predefined statuses that can generate certain alarms or trigger events.

Solutions to eliminate unproductive time

Planning ahead and organizing effectively will eliminate dead time in your activities. A machine or an equipment that does not work, does not produce money, even consumes, and with the Ascent software such situations will be avoided!

Integration of tasks on tablets / smartphones

Our product can also be used in management systems based on ISO standards regarding records, traceability and process quality assurance actions.

Work reports at the scene of the intervention

The system provides advanced and dynamic statistics regarding equipment history, department activity, the most common events (ex: breakdowns), operating time versus non-productive time, maintenance costs associated with equipment and others.


Accounting & HR integration

Tracks each flow to the end and integrates the service module with the Ascent Accounting Module. Thus, you directly manage the accounting on the real data obtained.

Integration with other systems

We take data from systems or machines that offer this possibility and integrate it into the Ascent Software. We use the data for reporting time, expenses, status.

Just-in-time supply and kanban

Using the AscentERP system, you can optimize the supply based on the principles of just-in-time and kanban in order to reduce the stocks to a minimum but at the same time to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the activity

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