Ascent Soft ERP for Manufacturing

The Ascent MRP dedicated production management system is a complete solution for manufacturing resource management and production control. Reduce expenses, plan production in advance, track every production phase and improve production times while providing full traceability.

Ascent Soft ERP for Manufacturing

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Why do you need a software for Manufacturing?

Ascent MRP comes with solutions tailored to the highly complex processes integrated in production. Through an intuitive and modern interface, the system allows you to manage your material, financial and human resources, respectively your machines, in order to optimize production and increase productivity – while reducing waste.

For production activities that involve bidding based on an estimate, the system also provides the estimate process, which allows the saving of drawings and other documents that substantiate the estimate. Thus, the commercial, design, supply and technical department can cooperate through a workflow integrated in the system, and in the operational part of production organization, there is access to the information taken from "upstream" - so that the launch into production and its follow-up to be precisely correlated.

The production manager has access to the order calendar with status, respectively that of the machines and to the centralized order tracking situation. The integration together with the supply module ensures that the situation of supply of raw materials and materials is defined "just in time", and the correlation with timing systems shows us the availability of human resources..

Administrative expenses assessed at the end of the month are a source for charging other indirect costs, so that post-calculation becomes an easy and automated process for determining the profitability of products or orders.

Let's analyze together the advantages that digitization brings to manufacturing businesses!

Advantages of ERP Manufacturing

Productivitate crescuta

Increase productivity

By digitizing production processes with the help of Ascent MRP you will be able to plan each production order ahead of time. Thus, you will avoid bottlenecks and efficiently organize each worker.


You calculate profitability in advance

Have you ever earned less than you wanted from a production order? Are you having trouble setting a price?

With the help of ascent MRP software you will be able to perform a pre-calculation and post-calculation for each production order or customer order. This way, you will always know what price to choose to make sure you meet your minimum set profit.

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Increase traceability

Use the production tracking feature of Ascent MRP software to track every phase of production, every employee and the time worked on every order. Plan production orders efficiently, then track them to make sure everything goes according to plan.

reduci costurile

Reduce costs

It eliminates waste, reduces the time required to perform work and reduces the resources required to manage the business. ERP for production management provides daily activity reporting and profitability evaluation functions for each order. Analyze the reports to understand how you can earn more and reduce expenses!

Core functions

GRN, Internal reception

Efficiently receives goods received from the supplier based on a supplier order, invoice or delivery note. Automatically generate a receipt note.

Create product recipe

Create recipes for each article It generates a tree comprising finished product, semi-finished products, raw materials and workmanship.

Production Planning and Real Time Tracking

Plans production based on orders/customers or serial products. Follow the process in real time!

Generation of Material Requisition Form & Delivery receipt

It completes the production process by generating the necessary documents, manually or automatically based on recipes or orders.

Precalculation and postcalculation of production

Create an estimate with the theoretical results of a production order. Create the postcalculation with the actual results and see the difference.

Calendar/Production panel

Organize production across multiple days and view the organization as a panel or in a calendar. Organize your team according to production planning by days/weeks/months.


Maintenance Plan at Equipment and Section level

Take care of the machines and make sure they don't have any problems. The biggest losses a manufacturing business can incur occur when machinery does not work.

Supply required with supplier order integration

Create recipes for finished products, and the system will tell you all the materials you need when you receive a new order. The system is integrated with Stock and Management.

Ascent Transport Module

It also manages packaging and shipping to get all the data from your manufacturing business. Integrates manufacturing with Ascent's shipping, packaging and warehousing module for complete business management.

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