Ascent Soft ERP for Freight forwarding

The software system dedicated to freight forwarding companies. Ascent ERP-CRM is an effective tool for managing relations with customers (internal-employee and external customers), respectively service providers, for increasing the productivity of shipping companies.

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Ascent Soft ERP for Freight forwarding

Why do you need this software?

The integration of the CRM module for the specifics of shipping companies brings added value in customer management, increased speed, respectively control of the informational flow related to transport activities.

It ensures the management of offers to customers, using as a common resource, the transport opportunities of the entire sales team for an increased speed of response, which often makes the difference between getting an order or losing the opportunity.

The integration of transport providers in the bidding flow by highlighting their available transport capacities, together with the location given by the GPS system (available transport capacity and its present or future location).

The "just in time" access to the available transport resources of several suppliers, respectively the ability to manage alternative prices in a very fast manner, integrated in a continuous communication with the customer, will constitute defining competitive advantages for businesses in the shipping field of goods, where the competitive dynamics are very high. This is the main reason why the activities of some successful companies in the field are managed with Ascent ERP-CRM: EU.TRA.LOG.REMI, Filip Spedition, NDB Logistic, Rozoti, etc.

Let's analyze together the advantages that digitization brings to transport businesses!

Advantages of Ascent ERP Freight forwarding

Productivitate crescuta

Increase productivity

Productivity in Transport means choosing short and fast routes, finding new customers and efficient back-office management by administrators and dispatchers. Ascent TMS provides the ability to control your entire shipping business from software. All data is in one system: fleet, inventory, dispatchers, drivers, spare parts, routes, etc. Everything is managed easily and quickly which leads to maximum productivity.

Dispecer transport

Reduce repetitive work

Repetitive tasks are automated with Ascent software. Thus, we reduce repetitive work, save time and resources and reduce operating errors. There is a workflow we set together that we automate. We can start from an order that we turn into an order, then open a file, assign a car and driver, and then continue with routing, loading and unloading, and tracking the order every step of the way. All data comes automatically into the system. Drivers focus on driving, dispatchers on drivers, and agents on sales!


Increase traceability

With the help of the TMS Ascent software you will choose the best route and see the status of each order. We integrate the software with the GPS to see where each driver is and the status of their order. We track fuel consumption based on mileage, loading and unloading, and every deviation from the route. Everything is observed from the system and we can set alarms or notifications for certain important moments. Full traceability with Ascent software, as all data is recorded and filterable on different reports.

reduci costurile

Reduce expenses

Efficient organization and routing help you reduce expenses. Also, using the CRM for carriers you will be able to manage customers more efficiently. Sticking to the rest, loading and unloading schedule helps you make sure everything is delivered on time. The smart notification feature reminds you of all documents that are about to expire. Thus, there will be no cases where you cannot use a driver or a car. By reducing expenses Ascent TMS pays for itself!

Core Functions

Vehicle tracking

Stay up to date with everything that's happening in your company. Track each car live via GPS and the status of uploads/downloads.

Set Routes

Quickly set the most common routes + uploads - downloads. Uploads from multiple locations, downloads to multiple locations, etc.


Each dispatcher has his own account from which he manages his colleagues, assigns files, checks documents and checks the status of machines or orders.

Folder allocation

Fast file allocation based on available cars and available drivers. Notices for drivers or cars with documents due to expire.

Dedicated mobile app

Dedicated mobile app for every driver in your fleet. Each driver reports his status: Loaded/Unloaded, break, order delivered, CMR received.

Billing per order

You invoice based on your order or we enter automatic invoicing. Turn the offer into an order and the order into an invoice for complete traceability.


Accounting & HR integration

Track every flow to the end and integrate the Transport module with the Ascent Accounting module. Thus, you manage the accounting directly on the real data obtained.

Integration with other systems

We integrate the software with any other system that allows this: Transport exchanges, GPS software, etc. Bring all available data into the Ascent app and use it to automate and scale!

Ascent Warehouse Module

Manage packaging and transportation to get all the data from your transport business. Manage your warehouses directly from the Ascent app. Use the cross docking function.

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