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Digitize your warehouse and enjoy faster deliveries, more orders and an organized warehouse where every product has its place with the help of Ascent WMS logistics software. Quickly find any product, lot or order in the warehouse with the help of the scanner or the virtual warehouse. Try Ascent WMS Logistics completely free!

Ascent Soft ERP for Logistics

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Why do you need a Logistics software?

Ascent WMS warehouse management software ensures faster inventory movement and inventory with increased efficiency and minimized costs.

Faster order delivery cycles, operational accuracy and cost reduction are just some of the benefits of the Ascent WMS system. Integration with other software (Ascent ERP) and automation systems allows for increased volume traded through the warehouse. The traceability of batches, the increase of work productivity, the reduction of bureaucracy and "paper work", respectively the better use of space are also effective advantages, capitalized in the daily activity. In our view, the role of the WMS solution is to facilitate the work of WMS operators, helping them to perform tasks faster and with more precision, thus increasing the value added by them to the smooth running of the company's activities.

Today, the WMS system is not only necessary for specialized logistics and storage companies - but also for companies in the field of FMCG (consumer goods) production or trade or the production / distribution of industrial goods. The desire for "just-in-time" production is outranked in many areas by the correct anticipation of demand, so having the right product at the moment the customer requires and delivering it in a short time is certainly a relevant competitive advantage.

Let's analyze together the advantages that warehouse digitization brings!

Advantages ERP Logistics

Productivitate crescuta

Increase productivity

By digitizing inventory, product and order management, you increase your team's productivity. Each product will be tracked and we will always have an updated status of each product, batch or order in your warehouse.


Reduce repetitive work

Repetitive tasks are automated with Ascent software. Thus, we reduce repetitive work, save time and resources and reduce operating errors.

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Increase traceability

Every problem, every mistake, every delay has a reason, and this reason can be traced through the traceability provided by wms Ascent software. Also, with full traceability you increase the trust you receive from your customers, which means more effective collaborations and successful relationships!

reduci costurile

Reduce expenses

It eliminates waste, reduces the time required to perform work and reduces the resources required to manage the business. The Ascent WMS warehouse management ERP helps you manage each order correctly and efficiently so that there are no more loading or preparation errors. It also helps you organize your warehouse efficiently so that deliveries are faster.

Core Functions

Warehouse Maps Setup

Optimize all warehouse space. You always have the necessary information about the location of products, batches or orders ready for delivery or for moving to another management.

Product management

Quickly and easily change the location of products without confusing anyone. Quickly find a product through a scan or a search. Function also available for orders or batches.

Inventory by scanning

It reduces losses and mistakes, but also the enormous duration of the inventory. Performs inventory while the warehouse continues to operate using scanners connected to Ascent WMS.

Advanced reporting

Track all the data that interests you through automatic or customized reports. Create your own reports and track the most important indicators in your business.

Organizing with barcodes

Fast selection, fast loading and fast packing. All your warehouse will be organized with the help of barcodes providing full traceability.

Reception by scanning

Use scanning to receive new stock from suppliers. Record all data by scanning and save time for other operations.


Accounting & HR integration

Track every flow to the end and integrate the logistics module with the Ascent Accounting module. Thus, you manage the accounting directly on the real data obtained.

Customer orders

Integrates WMS software with customer and supplier orders module. Start with an offer or start directly with an order that automatically closes with an invoice and goes to accounting.

Ascent Transport Module

It also manages packaging and shipping to get all the data out of your farming business. Integrates the warehouse with the Ascent module for shipping

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