ERP Agriculture

An ERP software fully adapted to the efficient management of agricultural production

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In agriculture, productivity depends on the effectiveness of resource and process management. Ascent ERP Agriculture offers you complete integrated solutions.

Agriculture is one of the industries bearing the high influence of globalisation. Nowadays, every agricultural grower or farmer must meet certain technological regulations, guarantee the quality of his crop through controlled processes and effectively manage activity, in order to use all resources.

The Ascent ERP modules customised for agriculture cover the planning and coordination of all processes, stimulate the profitability of crops and productivity within the range of every piece of equipment and worker, control costs and consumption, ensure the on-time fulfilment of each crop.

Among the most important and useful functionalities of the Ascent ERP Agriculture system, we count: instruments for managing lease contracts, planning agricultural works and inherent supplies, technological sheets for the agricultural production, complete integrated inventories (parcels of land, auto park, etc.), the estimation and distribution of costs per crop, daily activity reports and the evaluation of crop profitability.

The impact of the ERP implementation can be summed up by meeting the production target, simplifying and streamlining the work load, minimising costs and waste.

The benefits of Ascent ERP Agriculture implementation

Case study: Ascent ERP Agriculture system implementation

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