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Total control of all sales processes and profitability growth

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Ascent ERP Retail helps you both effortlessly manage all processes involved in selling – and develop your business by making informed buying decisions.

The ERP Retail integrated modules give you total control of sales activities: from stock and supply management, inventories, commercial policy definition, to solutions for stimulating customer loyalty solutions and setting promotions.

The system interface brings clarity and user-friendliness, as the integration with the cash register or with other software systems in use (WMS, CMS, etc.) being done flawlessly. The advanced sales and rentability analysis informs you upon the most profitable products and the areas responsible for loss, whereas the ERP identifies and defines other criteria which directly influence sales: sales season, customer behaviour, etc.

With an ERP dedicated to your business, you will be able to minimize loss and reduce sales management costs, by centralizing data and automating operations. With the aid of report and analysis systems, you can identify problems in due time and thus have a strong basis for decision-making.

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How we've implemented our ERP Retail solution for dm drogerie markt

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