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The Ascent ERP-TMS software system provides defining functionalities and analysis for ground freight transportation.

The integration of Ascent TMS Adroid application for drivers and the Ascent ERP back-office system allows just-in-time communication: the delivery status, the vehicle’s position on route (displayed directly within the ERP through the integration with the trucks’ dashboard system). Therefore, the reporting during transport is carried out permanently, and factors such as charter expenses or other variables are always kept under control.

The extremely precise control of the optimal route (routing is also done with the ERP module, by using interconnected resources such as Google Maps, etc.) allows the minimisation of route deviations and inherent costs.

The competitive price range and charter profitability are defining for the future of a business activating on a very competitive market – here is why the activity of freight transport and shipping houses such as Ravitex, Filip Spedition, ANG Logistic, World Media Trans, Comilga are managed with Ascent ERP.

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