Business Days Iasi – reflections after the event



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Our logistics training was challenging and entertaining thanks to the high expectations and exigence of the event participants – market leaders from Iasi, but also from the entire region of Moldavia and even from the Republic of Moldavia – who were extremely keen on learning.

We have successfully answered to these challenges through a complete vision, consistent know-how and through a rich practical experience proved to the full by the panel of speakers invited from Yazaki Component Technology and Lear Corporation.

We have identified the existence, on a national level, of a common denominator of high professional interest for the practical education in the logistics sector, therefore we decided that, in October, during Business Days Bucharest, we will continue the series of events for promoting the know-how of Ascent Soft and our industry guests, which can become a true “school” for logistics management.

Our customised MRP-WMS software solutions (supply planning and warehouse management) cover the complete traceability of the production and product distribution flux, whereas the transportation modules perfectly complete this approach, by tracking freight routes until their final destination, to the client’s facility.

Thanks to the software involved, unpleasant exceptional situations can be prevented and the contractual risks between business partners from the entire supply chain can be diminished.

Most training participants have come from the automotive logistic segment, well represented in Iaşi, but we have also benefitted from the presence of numerous entrepreneurs and specialists interested in production logistics, in construction materials distribution or the tracking of advertising projects.

■ The logistics in the automotive segment must meet an immense pressure for reducing the costs and delivery of “just in time” and “just in sequence” orders, maintained on the entire supply chain for market leaders, great global automobiles producers.

The problems which ask for solutions are numerous and diverse.

The increasingly rapid pace of automobile production, correlated with the constant reduction of buffers (spare stocks) covered by producers, increases the costs and risks associated with any delay in delivering the lots of automobile parts and components.

A lack of correlation in the planning and execution of orders on the supply chain can involve the supplier’s assumption of the responsibility of the entire cost pertaining to every player from the supply chain, including the cost of delayed schedule or production shut-down at the producer.

The significant risks deriving from the fact that no phase in the delivery of components to the final client can be delayed have increased the cost of customised risk insurance on automotive logistics deliveries, whereas the occasional spikes in demand solicit an increased flexibility of human resources and organisational force for covering the processing of all orders.

■ In the industrial production logistics, the traceability of parts and systems in the production fluxes with a long cycle of execution and delivery implies the informatic connection of orders received from clients and internal orders of production for each part.

■ Dye and DIY-type construction materials distributors are interested in the logistics cycle of orders, while advertising companies want to ensure the traceability of their advertising materials, as well as the planning and tracking of advertising projects launched by clients.

The solutions proposed by our speakers have included barcode tracking or radio RFID labels for parts throughout the entire logistics flux. With wireless transponders, installed throughout the entire covered area, radio RFID chip tags associated with a part can be written and read, thus validating precisely all the stages in the cycle of one part, including at the exterior of closed spaces and indoor facilities, this type of tags being weather-resistant.

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