How a custom software is made

Custom software development in a company is a topic often addressed in the business world. Demands for customized products and services according to consumer preferences have increased in both the b2c and b2b domains. The market trend is to choose a product or service that meets all customer needs. And the companies in the b2b […]

General concept- Custom software for businesses development

What is a custom software for business development? Custom software for business development is a special software created according to the needs of your company. It is customized according to the requirements established by you in collaboration with the representative of the company in charge of the implementation. It is a solution for entrepreneurs/managers (for […]

Impressions Fastbit TechDay Conference – Integrating digitalization into business

Ascent Soft company was pleased to participate but also to give a presentation at the event dedicated to business technologies, Fastbit TechDay, about the digitization and automation of processes through the implementation of business applications. Dan Turcitu – Managing Partner Ascent Soft The event was open to anyone interested in learning about new technologies that […]

Innovation within the organizational framework – The Business Days Bucharest event

As Peter Ducker put it, “Every organization – not just business – needs a core competency: innovation.” Innovation refers to the introduction of new ideas, concepts, methods for better results. The market is currently undergoing an accelerated transformation, marked by complex and important changes in all fields of activity.The importance of the innovation introduction activities […]

The benefits of digitizing and automating business processes

Have you thought you could revolutionize your business by digitizing and automating the processes in your business? During the Business Focus Timișoara 2019 event, a management and strategy workshop was held in which Dan Turcitu, Managing Partner Ascent Soft, as well as other speakers presented ideas on how you can help your business grow with […]

Dorin Răducan about results after Ascent ERP implementation.

Dorin Răducan, business development managerul Grosvenor Supply Chain Management: Implementing Ascent ERP and WMS at Grosvenor SCM has led to five major business indicator improvements. Grosvenor Supply Chain Management deals with supply chain management and the distribution of consumables and equipment for the electronic industry, both for EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers) and OEM (Original […]