Irredeemable financing for microenterprise development

Good news for those who have waited for the improvement and promotion of microenterprise activities. The Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit, to encourage founding new enterprises or to exploit new ideas through organising a project appeal within the Priority Ax 2 “The improvement of competitiveness for small and middle enterprises”. The main actions supported by the investment priority are:

  • The construction, modernisation and expansion of the production / service sectors space
  • The equipment with corporal and non-corporal actives (including software and hardware equipments for the improvement of businesses)

The eligible value of a project must be situated between 25.000 and 200.000 euro, the applied exchange rate being 4,43 RON/EUR.

The solicitor’s eligibility criteria:

  • The commercial or cooperative company must fit in the category of microenterprises;
  • The domain receiving the investment must be counted among the eligible domains;
  • The company must have at least one year of activity, with no suspensions, in 2014-2015;
  • The solicitor and its legal representative must not fit the situations regulating exclusion (Declaration of eligibility);
  • The space for the implementation of the project must be located in the region of development where the financing request was filed, while the solicitor must also own complete rights upon the space.

Investment priority 2.1. “The promotion of entrepreneurial spirit, especially through the facilitation of the economic development of new ideas and through the encouragement of new enterprise establishment, including business ‘incubators’” – the priority aims at consolidating the SMEs’ positioning on the market, in competitive fields. It is dedicated to the support of microenterprise development and foster structures for businesses.

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