The programme for developing youth entrepreneurial abilities and for facilitating access to financing – START

This programme encourages and pursues the stimulation of the founding and development of small and middle enterprises, the development of entrepreneurial aptitudes, the improvement of economical performances and the increase of the potential of accessing funding sources.

Who are the beneficiaries of this programme? Microenterprises, small and middle enterprises which follow the eligibility criteria:

  • They are SMEs and have been founded for the stimulation of establishing and developing microenterprises by young entrepreneurs;
  • They are deemed as autonomous, connected, partner or unique enterprises;
  • They own an integrally private social capital;
  • They have never benefitted from other unredeemable financial allocations in previous years and have no associates, shareholders or administrators who currently hold or have holded the same functions in other companies;
  • They carry out their activity and have their social headquarters on the territory of Romania, being registered at the Trade Register Office;
  • The CAEN code for which they request financing is eligible in the programme;
  • At the date of the programme’s online application release, no more than 2 years must have passed since the enterprise has been registered at the ORC;
  • They have no debts for the local and general budget;
  • They have not surpassed the lower limit of 200.000 euros over the course of three financial exercises for a unique enterprise;
  • They are not in the stage of judicial reorganisation, dissolution, liquidation, enforcement, operational closing, insolvency, bankruptcy or temporary activity suspension;
  • They have not been the subject of a decision of state aid recovery issued by the European Court / OTIMMC.

The following domains cannot benefit from this programme:

  • Financial intermediations and insurance;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • Juridical activities;
  • Gambling and betting activities;
  • Activities of production or selling of weapons, ammunition, explosives, tobacco, alcohol, substances under national control, narcotic plants, substances or preparates;
  • Activities of production or selling energetical products, rental and leasing, investigation and protection, fishing, aquaculture;
  • Activities involved in the primary production of agricultural products;
  • Exportation activities;
  • Support conditioned by the preferential usage of national products as opposed to imported products;
  • Support destined to commercial agents activating in the carbon sector;
  • Support for the acquisition of freight transportation vehicles offered to commercial agents which operate in the service sector of freight transportation for third parties or surcharge.

The business plan for the programme will be implemented thus:

  • The IFA (irredeemable financial allowance): up to 90% of the eligible costs for the project, without overcoming the sum of 120.000 per beneficiary;
  • Individual (own) contribution: at least 10% of the eligible costs for the project.

The budget allocated for this programme, in 2016, is of 17.000.000 lei, while the estimated number of possible beneficiaries is at least 141.

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