Robac Industries uses Ascent ERP for managing their business

Robac Industries is a partner in dialogue which understands too well how software development works. We are allocating the necessary resources in order to step up to the level of their expectations.

Robac Industries, one of the most important industrial companies in Lipova, a well-connected firm with stable customers on the German industrial market, has decided to side with Ascent Soft in order to develop a software adapted to its specific needs of resource planning and management, while also integrating the calendar for launching customer orders.

The producer of metallic spare parts and landmarks, production lines, molds, prototypes and unique pieces from Lipova features an advanced production culture, having a good team of specialists able to ensure a steady management of activities.

The general manager, a graduate of the respected technical university from Augsburg, Germany, wishes that all these specialists work within the same reference computerised system in order to benefit from direct access to the entire set of up-to-date information regarding the planning of production – and thus, to provide top-notch quality control.

The informational alignment of the management and operational teams for the common objectives will create the premises for agile reactions and for a good adjustment to the changes which occur often in the dynamic of demand coming from external clients.

Knowing the exact availability of each industrial equipment will reduce downtime, prepair and revision time, while the reordering of orders launched by clients will be found within the updated production plan, by putting some orders on hold and prioritising others, as necessary.

Before making the acquisition decision, the management of Robac Industries has undergone its own research in order to compare the solution providers for Material Requirements from Bucharest, Cluj and Timişoara. The final selection of the proposal forwarded by Ascent Soft was defined by a number of relevant aspects and criteria:

  • The positive references of a similar implementation of Ascent Soft for Inteliform – personally tested by the Robac manager in a ”mystery shopping” type of visit at the company’s working point;
  • The geographical setting allowed the rapid access of the Ascent Soft consultants on location, covering a good technical availability for a rapid, eye-to-eye consulting process with the client who was looking for a local provider within a maximum 150 km range;
  • The agility and flexibility of our software development concept adapted to their production processes. Our quality of software producer, not only distributor, allows us to offer more than standard, rigid systems which are hardly customisable, but to outline, from the very beginning, the best software for the client’s production and organisational culture.

In Robac, we have a partner in dialogue speaking the same language as us. Robac understands the implications of software development and is willing to prove flexibility in estimating the development hours necessary for the satisfying adjustment of the software solution to the specifics of its activity. We will grant all technical and development resources necessary in order to meet the level of expectations for implementation and customisation in a specialised interlocutor – who is acquainted with programming languages, knows what building a database means and is familiar with the relations between IT parameters and attributes, between event ‘drag downs’ or triggers.

For Ascent Soft, the business partnership with Robac Industries will also mean a good source of industrial references for the area of companies dealing with mechanical and electromechanical works in Arad and Timiş counties, as the implementation project will be available on-site by those interested, within one of the largest industrial investments in Lipova, soon to be extended on an area of 35.000 square meters in the town’s industrial area.

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