Financing for the development and modernisation of commercial activities

The main objective of this programme is to support economic operators, companies and cooperative companies, in order to improve economic and technical performance. It is aimed at reinforcing the economic operators’ capacity to promote products and services on the market, as well as developing and modernising the activity of sellers and market service providers.

The budget of this programme, for 2016, is of 21.049.000 lei, which can be used for an estimated number of minimum 156 beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries for this programme are the economic operators (small and middle enterprises) which meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • They are registered according to Law no. 31/1990;
  • They are juridical entities (companies / cooperative companies) which deal with the selling of products and services;
  • They are autonomous, partner, connected or unique enterprises;
  • They have been founded at least 2 years prior to the date of opening for the electronic application for entering the investment plan;
  • The CAEN code for which they request financing is authorised;
  • They have no debts for the general and local budget;
  • They have not benefitted from an irredeemable financial allowance in the Programme over the previous 3 years and have no associates, shareholders or administrators who own or have owned the same functions in other companies;
  • They have an annual net income of up to 50 million euros, equivalent in RON, or own total actives which do not overcome the RON equivalent of 43 million euros;
  • They have an annual average number of employees of less than 250;
  • They have their social headquarters, are registered at the ORC and carry out their activity on Romanian territory;
  • They are not in a stage of judicial reorganisation, dissolution, liquidation, enforcement, operational closing, insolvency, bankruptcy or temporary activity suspension;
  • They have not overcome the minimis 200.000 Euro limit over the course of three financial exercises for a unique enterprise;
  • They have obtained at least 50 points following the online entry of the investment plan;
  • They have not been the subject of a decision of state aid recovery issued by the European Court / OTIMMC;
  • They have not received illegal support;
  • They have not been rejected for financing in the previous 5 years within national programmes developed by the provider of minimis support on account of frauding the procedure;
  • There are no connections between the structures of the solicitor’s shareholders and the personnel of MECRMA / OTIMMC and their next of kin or relatives up to second degree inclusively.

The eligible beneficiaries can receive an IFA of maximum 90% of the total eligible expenditures, including VAT. The maximum amount cannot overcome 135.000 RON for each beneficiary.

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