The national annual programme for micro-industrialization

The objective of this programme is to sustain investments in the prioritary economical sectors pointed out by the present procedure, to raise the volume of activity and competitiveness of SMEs in these sectors. The budget allocated for this scheme is 60.890.000 lei for the year of 2016, which is estimated to cover the minimum support […]

Financing for the development and modernisation of commercial activities

The main objective of this programme is to support economic operators, companies and cooperative companies, in order to improve economic and technical performance. It is aimed at reinforcing the economic operators’ capacity to promote products and services on the market, as well as developing and modernising the activity of sellers and market service providers. The […]

Financing for rural development

The programme wishes to encourage and stimulate the establishment and development of small and middle enterprises in the rural area. The main objective is the start-up and development of private economical structures founded in the rural space, through the increase in the number of jobs, but also of the SMEs in the rural area. The […]