The national annual programme for micro-industrialization

The objective of this programme is to sustain investments in the prioritary economical sectors pointed out by the present procedure, to raise the volume of activity and competitiveness of SMEs in these sectors.

The budget allocated for this scheme is 60.890.000 lei for the year of 2016, which is estimated to cover the minimum support for at least 244 beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries for this programme are the companies (microenterprises, small and middle enterprises) which meet the following criteria:

  • They are organised on account of Law no. 31/1990 and they are SMEs;
  • They own integrally private social capital;
  • The associates, shareholders or administrators who own several companies can only apply to the present programme with a single company;
  • They are registered at the Trade Register Office and they activate on Romanian territory;
  • The CAEN code for which they solicit financing is authorised and eligible within the programme;
  • At the date the electronic application for entering the business plan is opened, there are no more than 5 years since their registration at the TRO;
  • They have no debts for the local or consolidated budget;
  • They reinvest at least 30% of their profit annually, for a period of 3 years starting with the year that follows the receipt of the irredeemable financial allowance;
  • They hire, until the deposition of minimum expense account, at least 2 employees for an undetermined period of time and for a full 8-hours daily norm;
  • They have not surpassed the minimis limit of 200.000 euro over three financial exercises for a unique enterprise;
  • They are not in a stage of judicial reorganisation, dissolution, liquidation, enforcement, operational closing, insolvency, bankruptcy or temporary activity suspension;
  • They have not been the subject of a decision by the European Commission / OTIMMC for the recovery of a state-granted aid.

Finanțarea planului de afaceri se face în următoarele condiții:

The financing for the business plan is done in the following conditions:

  1. AFN – maximum 90% of the value of eligible expenses pertaining to the project, but no more than 250.000 lei / beneficiary;
  2. Own contribution – minimum 10% of the eligible expenses for the project.

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