Plastomet S.A. manages its production with Ascent ERP-MRP

An industrial company with tradition, based in Reşiţa, is updating its production planning and following in partnership with Ascent Soft.

Plastomet S.A. Reşiţa, producer of metallic parts, a joint-stock company with a full private capital, having a number of 200 employees – a company with tradition, situated in a location where it has been developing industrial works for over 100 years without pause, will be updating its processes of production management, planning and following with the help of the ERP provided by Ascent Soft.

The Ascent Soft team has conceived a solution which will include, upon its complete delivery, a commercial module for the breakdown of resources, devises and offers of industrial landmarks, as well as a complex module of production planning and following – type Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

The company which exports most of its production of metallic pieces and parts to intra-community clients bearing increased quality exigences, from the European cement-producing industry, was in search of a customised software solution which helps it follow the delivery charts agreed for by external clients, improve workforce productivity and efficiently monitor all manufacturing activities in various production halls across an extended location – from a distance, with a reduced number of administrators.

The first step, already checked off in 2015, involves the integrated commercial flux for managing offer requests received from clients.

In order to draft technical and commercial offers, Ascent ERP-MRP software undertakes the specifications from the technical documentation received from clients upon sending the offer request and generates the estimate based on the workmanship, on externalised services and on a specific breakdown of resources estimated to be consumed (prime materials), accounting the standard parameters of conversion of prime materials into half-finished and finished products.

The gradual software development, to be finalised until September 2016, will allow the simultaneous linear launch in production of several orders planned and on role, the following of production on manufacturing phases and the optimisation of laser debiting casts of large tin profiles.

Through the ERP implementation of a specific debiting window, the system of extraction of various small dimension parts of the wider tin lots will be much more efficiently monitored.

The scanning of prime materials and half-finished products with barcodes will reduce the volume of generated waste, by allowing an exact knowledge of which tin half-finished product resulted from production can be reused and which one should be recycled.

General Manager Aurel Văduva, who was the biggest sustainer of the implementation project and the “sponsor” of the initiative of the factory’s computerization (along with the company’s external partners), will benefit from a management instrument which will collect field information from all manufacturing sections, allowing the practice of competitive prices and the fit in the tight delivery terms negociated with clients.

The software solution eliminates syncopes in tracking orders and production (which may appear at anytime during on-paper and Excel-based monitoring), ensures the traceability of raw materials and half-finished products until the delivery of the final product, immediate feedback from production, stimulates the increase of workforce productivity, enhances virtual communication, without physical displacement between offices and production sections, through the fiber connection between production halls and administrative headquarters, reduces internal communication deficiencies and bureaucratic scriptic evidence thanks to a better correlation of supply management and warehousing.

The same type of software solution developed by Ascent Soft can later be transposed to the external final clients of Plastomet and to their entire ecosystem of communitary suppliers, taking into account that they manage their processes centrally for each industrial part and are able to build a standard company software even for the ERP-MRP system implemented by Ascent Soft at Plastomet Reşiţa.

Moreover, the new client entering the Ascent Soft portfolio will open new perspectives on the internal market of metallic processing and parts in Romania, until the level of complete metallic halls producers.

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